Friday Link Love: Valentine Crafting Weekend

One of the worst things about being a grown up is having you friends scattered all over the country. We were a pretty tight knit group in college, but as we finished school, got married, and got jobs, we kept moving farther and farther away from one another. We all keep in touch, but it makes hanging out really difficult. But if we could, I know exactly what we’d be doing this weekend. We’d be having a super awesome crafting party like this (also where the pic below is from) but with the addition of baked goods.


Alas, it is not in the cards this year. So instead here are some nifty Valentine’s DIY’s to keep you busy this weekend.

What do you think? Should we go for the adorable crochet garland, or the adorable crochet garland?

How about something pink and heart shaped for the office?

Or a cute little plush heart pin?

How about a special love tea blend that can be wrapped up three different ways?

You could always kick it old school and make some lurve arrows.

Or you could keep your favorite peeps safely in the friend zone with one of these. Nothing says, “I like you, but I don’t like you like you,” like something you could have made at summer camp.


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