A Very Lovely Birthday Party

I think my first birthday party was pretty traditional. My mom’s side of the family all gathered at my maternal grandpa’s house, hung some streamers, blew up balloons and ate some cake. The highlight of the event was my mom unveiling her painstakingly crafted tiny alphabet block cake that was just for me. I think the general idea was to let me play around in my cake, while the adults enjoyed the “everybody else” cake. But being stubborn and prissy, even then, I refused to touch the cake. Finally my mom took my little hand and stuck it in the frosting to get the ball rolling.

The family still laughs about me jerking my hand from the cake, looking at my frosting covered fingers with horror and then crying loudly and dramatically. Funny anecdote aside, I never really thought that a babies first birthday need to be an elaborate affair, it’s not like they’ll remember a whole lot about it. Then I saw this party on Hostess with the Mostess, and it kind of hit me. While it’s important for the little one have fun, I now realize that the first birthday party might be more about making memories with your family and friends, than about making memories for your baby. You and your guests get a fancy party, and in exchange they get stories to tell to the little one when he or she is older.

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Did you see the cupcake swing? How cool is that?!

All images are from Hostess with the Mostess.

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