Saturday brunch and a lot of plants

The weather was gorgeous this weekend. The temperature dropped to 56 degrees and we had one of the rare clear sunny days where everything smells clean and cold. While everyone else was complaining about the cold, Andy and I took the opportunity to pull out our comfy sweaters and use our fireplace. I even stole some of Andy’s socks so my feet would be extra warm in their slippers. Love my wood floors, but they aren’t the warmest things to walk on first thing in the morning.

We met up with my friend Jenn to have brunch at my favorite vegetarian restaurant. The have the BEST  veggie sausage gravy and biscuits.2013-03-02_13-37-04_40
Fresh baked vegan cinnamon buns to go (maybe made it a hour after we got home, so good!).
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They had these cute terrariums for sales at the brunch place, I bought the front left one to hang in my kitchen window.2013-02-27_15-38-31_331
Our azalea’s started blooming this week, it looks like the entire neighborhood is covered in pink & white blossoms. As you can see the ferns in our front yard are starting to take over. Andy doesn’t want to get rid of them because it makes our yard look like where the Ewoks lived in Star Wars.

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