I love getting mail!

I know I promised pictures of my birthday gifts, but they’re on my camera. And to get them from my camera i’d have to find my USB cable, download the photos, resize the photos, upload the photos……you get the picture. Things at the office have progressed from “busy” to “crazy” in the last few days, and by the end of next week will be at “downright insane”. Tax time makes people a little nutty, and as the glorified receptionist people tend to see me as the obstacle between them and the accountants or their tax returns or whatever they’re currently frantic over. But enough of that.

A couple of days ago Andy and I signed up to receive the monthly snack box from Vegan Cuts. The name is pretty self explanatory, for $19.95 a month you get a box chalk full of vegan treats. It’s not that I’ve decided to progress from being vegetarian to vegan, yet, but we’ve been trying to incorporate vegan meals a few times a week simply because they are generally pretty healthy. Anyway, we got our first box yesterday and I can’t wait to try everything!

IMG_20130327_153231_632 IMG_20130327_153533_897 IMG_20130327_153548_808 IMG_20130327_153559_313 IMG_20130327_153606_974

I have no idea how they managed to fit all of that into the box, but I am very impressed. It must be some sort of Vegan magic, word on the street is that going vegan will give you super powers. Although, being super awesome at box Tetris would be kind of a lame superpower.

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