Blooming Monogram DIY

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and my inbox is full of last minute reminders and special gift offers. Fortunately, I was on top of things this year, and my mother’s gift is on it’s way to her new home as we speak/read. For those of you who are running a little behind, here is a quick and easy DIY by Parcel Post that can be used as a gift or as a decoration.

Mom 1 Mom 2

What You Need :
☐ paper mache letters (there are 8″ and 12″)
☐ exacto knife
☐ floral foam
☐ glue gun
☐ wire cutters or strong scissors
☐ silk flowers

How To Make :
1] Using an exacto knife, cut off the front of the letters and hollow out carefully.
2] Cut floral foam into shapes that fit letter and secure with glue
3] Trim the silk blooms off, leaving a short stem, and position into the foam. You can reinforce with glue, if necessary.
4] Arrange happily!

Mom 3

Such a great idea, I may save this for my mother’s birthday since I won’t be able to see her for Mother’s Day. Parcel Post also posted a wonderful Mother’s Day gift guide.

Images and tutorial by Parcel Post.

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