Reading the Leaves

A few years back, I was reading a book (the name now escapes me) and the main character and her boyfriend were having a fight about tarot cards,or  rather her lack of belief in their fortune telling abilities. My favorite line was “I don’t see how you could tell the future with something that can be purchased at Barnes & Noble”. Admittedly, i’m not much of a believer in fortune telling, although I did receive a disconcertingly accurate reading by one of the individuals I interviewed for a college paper I did on Wicca, but I just can’t silence my inner skeptic. I think that magic is real, in the sense that there are phenomenons that science has yet to find a reason for, but 300 years ago cars and telephones would have been considered magic. All that being said, I love fairy tales and folklore. Just because I don’t think something is “real” doesn’t mean I don’t find it interesting and entertaining. I was downright thrilled when I saw the Fortuitous Cup & Saucer at Anthropologie.

Tea Cup 1

Tea Cup 2

Tea Cup 3

It is a bit more expensive than tarot cards from the book store, but I fear the price has no effect on it’s ability to predict the future.

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