Sick Days, Florists and Wedding Woes

The last few days have been really rough.  We had our crazy 14 hour Atlanta wedding dress trip this past weekend.  My dress is beautiful, the wrong color and about 6 inches to large in the bust and about 4″ in the waist, but beautiful.  Remember Friday how I was sort of wishing that I had a blush colored gown? Well, now I do.  The champagne and ivory color combination we ordered came back decidedly blush toned, and the consequently the veil that we had paired with it doesn’t really match anymore. So now I am stuck trying to find new shoes(my darling little blue ones are going to be part of the “going away” ensemble) revising my hair and make up and still trying to make all of the last minute details fit together with yet another tax deadline looming.  Bonus, i’m sick and not able to sleep more than four hours a night.

However, all that being said, we met with our wedding florist last night and she did not disappoint.  Edna spent more than an hour talking to us about her ideas, our ideas, and how to get the most for our budget. I think by the time we were done Andy was even a little excited. Working with Edna has been the high point of our planning process. It is really wonderful to get the chance to work with someone who is still completly in love with their craft.

Below are some detail shots of the roses that will be the centerpieces on the buffet tables.  The rich velvety blooms weren’t part of our initial plan, but with some revisions they’ll blend in nicely with the profusion of purples and pinks we have planned. Oh, and i’m even going to get my thistles for the bridal bouquet!

Tomorrow i’ll post the photos we have of the centerpieces, sans muffins of course, but still. Edna’s flowers were so fresh and lovely and she was kind enough to send up home with several of my new favorite rose.

Photos by Vylette

Flowers by A Touch of Class Florist





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