Sexy Shoes: Double DIY

Even before I started Vylette, I loved blogs. There are so many interesting individuals who love crafting/fashion/diy/baking as much as I do, and reading their blogs was like having being able to enjoy my morning coffee with a friend. Vylette celebrated it’s two year blogoversary a couple months ago, and I read more blogs now than I ever have. I am constantly looking for inspiration and the creative give and take that forces you to expand your limits and try new things. One of my all time favorite blogs is Honestly…WTF. Lauren and Erica kick major blogging ass. They have new posts everyday, some times multiple times a day, and it’s a little of everything. I’ve shared a number of their DIY’s here on Vylette because they take it to a whole other level. Yes they do have some Holly Hobby-esqe tutorials, but most of their DIY’s are (to quote my husband) slick. It isn’t melting plactic tray with a hair dryer to “make” those earring that sort of look like the ones on the runway, they show you how to actually make the runway earrings.

Today I have links to two of their most recent tutorials on making some seriously sexy shoes. When I read these post I had the immediate “I have to make that” followed by an incredibly geeky and jealous ” I wanna be cool like that!” I could almost hate them if they weren’t so awesome!

Tassel Sandals

Shoes 1

Star Sandals

Shoes 2

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