Christmas Inspiration

It is finally time to start celebrating Christmas! I know a lot of the stores started right after October 31st, but I like to wait until after Thanksgiving to get my Christmas groove on. We kicked things off yesterday by getting our tree, the first real tree I’ve had in years. The house smells lovely and the cats can’t seem to decide if it’s a fancy holiday salad bar or some evil pine scented monster that activates the equally evil spray bottle, but it made it through the night relatively unscathed so we’ll probably start decorating today. And by we I mean me, Andy usually supervises from the safety of the couch, but he will do any of the high spots that I can’t reach. I haven’t decided what theme, if any, I want to do this year(I am big on themes), but this Pinterest board entitled Xmas Naturel has given me a few ideas.

Xmas Natural 1 Xmas Natural 2

Xmas Natural 3Xmas Natural 5

Xmas Natural 8

Xmas Natural 9.0

Xmas Natural 9.1

Xmas Natural 9.2

Xmas Natural 9.3

Xmas Natural 6

Andy finds my need for a theme incredibly amusing.

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