A Little Library Love

The best job I ever had was working for the “lost books” department at the Strozier Library at FSU. The pay was crap and due to numerous budget cuts by the university, my hours had been cut in half (ultimately why I had to leave), but I loved it. Basically, my job was to do a final shelf search and make sure that the books that were listed as overdue or lost were in fact overdue or lost and not just incorrectly logged in. Not the most glamorous job, but I got to spend hours wondering through the stacks surrounded by the smell of old books. Bonus, I also had an almost endless supply of reading material for my break time. I recently discovered a book called The Library: A World History,and man would I love to search for books in one of these places!

Library 1

Library 2

Library 3

Library 4

Library 5

Library 6

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My name is Julieanna Bucior, but I go by Julie (unless I'm in trouble). I'm thirty one. I am a bookkeeper by day, rogue fashion designer/crafter/amateur baker by night. I spend most of my time feeling like a kindergartner trapped inside an adult's body. I love reading, hanging out with my crazy cats and being silly. I'm pretty much the girl next door, with a twist.