New Year’s Eve Link Love

Life's glitter is in the palm of your hands

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! As the last few hours of 2013 slowly tick away, I find myself doing what most of you are probably doing: thinking about whether or not I should order take out for dinner. Okay, okay, I am thinking about 2013. It was a strange year with lots of ups: going to Seattle, going to Canada, and a lot of downs: kitties getting sick and house problems, and while it was really intense at times, I ended up learning a lot. I am interested in seeing what this new year will bring. Here is a little link love to help say goodbye to 2013:

I think these are the perfect New Year’s Eve heels. Sling back so they stay on, low enough to walk in and a little flashy.

A cute inspiration board to help you get into party mode.

Make your own confetti poppers with this DIY.

And then make your own Sparkle Party Crown with this DIY.

I love the idea of New Year’s Eve in a Box.

LOVE this guide to making the most of your New Year’s Eve!

My favorite Vylette post of the year.


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