Friday Link Love


It has been quite a week. The weather has been all over the place (lows of 13 and highs of 69), the cats have been all over the place (probably due to the weather), and I have been all over the place (I blame it on my artistic temperament *eye roll*). Fortunately everything seems to be settling down as the week draws to a close. I am a bit torn on what I want to do this weekend, a quiet lazy weekend sounds wonderful, but the down side to lazy weekends it that they’re…well…lazy. Everything that gets left undone still has to be done at some point right? Oh well, enough about me, to the links!

I think someone needs to come over and make me these tasty looking waffles for breakfast tomorrow, or talk Andy into making them for me.

10 free printable calendars to help you keep track of your year.

So I guess it is “Valentine’s Day season”? I walked in to Target the earlier this week and I was a little overwhelmed by the sea of hearts and glitter, it’s more than a month away! But since I seemed to be outweighed in this, here are some nontraditional Valentine’s Day cards to get you in the mood.

I’ve done a fair amount of doodling (especially during my lecture classes in college), bug artist Jose Romussi embroiders her doodles of flowers and geometric shapes over pages of fashion editorials. I like the idea, but embroidered doodling seems like it would be far more labor intensive.

I really want the crown in this photo, but Free People doesn’t have it listed on the website yet!

My favorite pin and board of the week.

Image from here.

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