Dye, Paint & Eggs Oh My!

Confetti Eggs

It’s Easter egg time! I’ve loved decorating eggs forever. When my brother and I were very little my mom would set up the dye cups on our front porch and we’d don our art smocks (one of my dads old shirts) and go to town. Eventually we were allowed to dye eggs in the house, but the when I think back, the front porch dye sessions are the first memories that come to mind. The feel of the cool concrete under my bare feet and carefully carefully caring my egg in that little wire spoon from color to color. Pretty basic stuff, but if you feel like being a little fancier, here are some great DIY’s to get your Easter Party started.

Speckaled Pastel Easter Eggs100 Layer Cake-let

Silly Face Easter EggsThe Paper Mama

Cascarone Easter EggThe Paper Mama – my favorite!

Natural Dyed Easter Eggs The Sweetest Occasion 

Indigo Dyed Eggs Henry Happened

Confetti Dipped Eggs  Studio DIY

Pineapple Eater EggsStudio DIY

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