$20 a Month

After fudging the budget a little on last month’s products, I strictly held myself to the $20 limit. It was a little difficult since I didn’t buy everything in the same place at the same time, but I managed. So here we go.

$20 a Month - April

Soap Box Apple Body Wash -I got to try their “Black Soap” body wash in my Vegan Beauty Box. It was a little too strongly scented for me, but the idea of one bottle providing vitamins for a child for a year made me willing to give it another go. Fortunately, my local Earth Fare stocks several different scents so I decided to try the apple. It’s a great body wash, nice lather, leaves my skin soft and free from residue. The apple scent was a lot better than the black soap, still not really my thing, but I’d buy it again. For the children.

Sally Hansen T ripple Shine Nail Polish – I was really disappointed in this polish. Sally Hansen is a pretty solid brand, one that I used for years before I could afford to invest a little more in my cosmetics. The coverage was inconsistent, and even worse, it never fully dried. The first time I tried it I thought maybe I put on too many coats trying to even the coverage out, so I tried again a few days later with only two thin coats, and an hour and a half later it still wasn’t dry. Fail.

Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Face Scrub – my Friend Jenn is a HUGE fan of  Body Shop beauty products and she has been encouraging me to try them for a while now. For me, the biggest draw back was the price; I don’t mind spending $5 or maybe even $10 on something I may only use a couple of times, but $20+ was more than I was willing to invest on something I might not like. I was in Ulta a few weeks ago, and they had a bunch of Body Shop samples by the register for the low low price of $2.50 each, so I decided to give it a go and grabbed a face scrub. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! While my skin is usually really smooth, I will occasionally get bumpy dry patches. This scrub lessened the irritation, got rid of the dead skin, and left my skin feeling hydrated. Bonus, I got three uses out of a single packet. I went back for a full size, but they were out, so I grabbed the last two sample packs to hold me over until they restock.

Freeman Facial Enzyme Pineapple Mask – this was a cheating a little bit; I already knew I was a fan of this mask. My friend Stefanie and I used this for spa nights while we were in college, and I loved it then.  But it’s been a few years and the formula or my skin could have changed right? Fortunately, neither has; the smell is fruity and wonderful, it doesn’t drip, and it leaves your skin feeling so very, very soft.


Some really good stuff and some not so good, but all in all not a bad month product-wise.


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