One of my all time favorite bath products is Philosophy Body Wash & Shampoo. The mouth watering scents and rich lather are only a tiny part of the appeal; I use this product probably 6 out of 7 days and my hair and skin look great! Also, I love using these all-in-one beauties for travel, I squeeze a little into a tiny travel container and I am spared the hotel shampoo and soap roulette game. Plus there are free recipes right on the front of the bottle!

Most of these are fragrances I have tried (I have the pumpkin spice muffin in my shower right now), the Cinnamon Hot Toddy and the Apple pie are the next two I plan to buy.  If the idea of smelling like cake or pie all day doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry.  The lovely rich shower smell leaves only the faintest hint of fragrance after you rinse off.

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