How to Eat Chocolate Mousse by Morgan from Whole Soul Lab

Chocolate Mousse

I was recently conversing with a friend of mine via Instant Messenger about the
proper way to eat chocolate mousse. He was, in another part of the world, currently
in the act of enjoying a helping of the creamy, delectable confection.
I informed my friend in short bursts of text, that the best way to eat chocolate
mousse was to:

1. Take a healthy portion on the spoon…not too much, but certainly not too


2. Rotate the spoon as it heads for the mouth (a truly worthy mousse will cling

self-confidently to the spoon without sliding off).

3. Then, once the spoon has reached it’s intended destination, close the lips

around the spoon as it’s slowly retracted, allowing the tongue to savor the

arrival of the otherworldly concoction and to bask in the chocolate tones as

they settle in and wash the memory clean of all other taste sensations.

As my friend was on the other end of a cyber connection, I don’t know if he took me
up on my advice. But I was bemused to discover that I felt quite strongly that he
should. That everyone should eat chocolate mousse in just that way.



But in case it isn’t already obvious, I adore chocolate mousse. I prefer to partake
of it in a Parisian café, late at night, after a sumptuous dinner filled with savory,
crunchy, crispy delights that set the palate up for the unexpected explosion of rich,
creamy, soft, chocolaty heaven. But, I’ll settle for chocolate mousse in America, in
my living room, or out of a plastic container bought at the local co-op. If I have to,
I’ll even take a mousse made of Cool Whip and Hershey’s Syrup. Though, if you’ll
pardon my saying so, that’s a bit like settling for flat-supposed-to-be-sparkling apple
cider when you really want a fine, expensive champagne.

A good chocolate mousse, to my mind, has always been akin to a wonderful romp
with a lover who understands how important play and laughter and fun are in
making love. Eating and sex are, after all, both sensual pleasures. And a spoonful of
chocolate mousse on my tongue can set me to giggling and tingling in pretty much
the same way a well placed kiss or tickle can in the comfy confines of bed.
Food isn’t just nourishment for the body, it is nourishment for the soul. Whether
your pleasure is Chocolate Mousse or Crème Brule or Cheesecake, I highly
recommend you let it knock your socks off once in a while. Don’t be afraid to close
your eyes while you savor it’s delight. Yes, some lovers and food aren’t as “good” for
us as others. But, with chocolate mousse at least, that doesn’t mean we can’t cheat
from time to time and remind ourselves what it means to completely melt with

*Morgan is one of the amazing life coaches working at Whole Soul lab, you can check out their website here and read more posts by Morgan and her colleagues on their blog here.


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