Closet Visit

Great things have been happening the last few days, great mostly in magnitude, not so much as in awesome.  I have officially made it through the final deadline for 2010 tax returns! Not a big deal to anyone not currently employed at a CPA’s office, but for us a really really REALLY big deal.  Fortunately, as a mere receptionist, I haven’t actually been responsible for doing any of the returns. I have, however, been metaphorically chained to the copy room for the last week.  All those returns aren’t going to copy, bill and package themselves now are they?  So I am currently sitting at my desk surrounded by the fall out of the last week…this all looks like a fine job for tomorrow.

Fortunately, I am actually able to take my break today, and I can share the newest round of awesome that I’ve stumbled across in my daily blog reads: Closet Visit

Closet Visit features, simply, various women and the contents of their closets.  The photos above are still shots from the newest movie created by the team entitled Matilde.  Flipping through the features really has made me consider the difference between having clothes and having a wardrobe.  Since a large number of the items in my clothing rotation never even make it to the closet, “Fluff” dryer settings were created for a reason, I am still firmly situated in the “clothing” category. But starting to create a wardrobe, a piece at a time, is seeming like a very good goal for the new year.

Images from here.

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