But see if you look at it this way…

I was flipping through my wedding blog “favorites” this morning at it occurred to me that in a matter of days I really won’t have a reason to read them anymore.  The wedding will be over, and I won’t need to know about fun new dress styles, place settings, gift bags or floral arrangements. Then I started bargaining with the practical voice in my head, reasoning that those things don’t really have to be wedding specific, there could be…say, a birthday or a Mother’s Day tea or something that I may need fresh ideas for. For example, this fall photo shoot would be one fantastic, somewhat odd tea party.  The antlers and empty turtle shell probably wouldn’t make it to the final application of the concept, but still, the potential is there.

And besides, a few years from now Andy and I will probably have children; and if a little girl happens to be part of the mix, I have to make sure she has the best play group/birthday party on the block. I learned from the best. My mom and I used to have tea every Saturday morning and I felt so grown up in my princess pj’s carefully spooning sugar and pouring creamer into the delicate “big girl” cups.

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