Halloween Favorites

I think it’s great that Halloween is on a Friday this year. How is a person supposed to do anything fun after work on a Tuesday? Especially knowing you have to go into the office the next day. Not that my Halloweens are super crazy, but the trick-or-treaters alone are out until as late as 10:30-11 sometimes. I don’t have any big plans yet, other than the going to the party at my office, but to get in the mindset, I decided to share a few of my favorite things/memories of this the spookiest of holidays.

Favorite Halloween Centerpiece: Plaster Hands
Ween 1

Favorite Halloween movie when I was a kid: The Halloween Tree

Favorite Halloween movie now: Practical Magic

Favorite Halloween Creeper – Witches: flying and magic, doesn’t get any cooler than that. I’d take that over glitter and immortality any day.

Favorite Halloween Dinner Detail: Spooky Forks
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Favorite Trick-or-Treat Candy Now: Twix

Favorite Trick-or-Treat Candy When I Was a Kid: Tootsie Rolls

Favorite Halloween Makeup: Faun Makeup
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Favorite Costume Ever: The Sand Woman – I wore pj’s, slippers and fairy wings to the office and kept a giant jar of sleep dust (glitter) on my desk.

Favorite Costume as a Kid: Skunk – ears, nose and fluffy tail with a shirt that said “I’m a little stinker”.  I was 1, and I was adorable: just ask my mom.

Favorite Holiday Dessert Design: Red Velvet Spiderweb Cucpcakes
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Favorite Halloween Tradition When I Was a Kid: The Halloween carnival at my elementary school. Games, prizes, costumes, cakes and candy? What’s not to love?

Favorite Halloween Tradition Now: Passing out candy. I don’t care how great your costume as a grown up you’ve got nothing on the tiny ones. We had a kid come by as the Lorax last year, and he was so cute I would have given him all the candy if he’d asked. His dad was dressed up as a tree.


All images from my Halloween Pinterest page.

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