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Friday Link Love

It’s resolution time people. It is year four of my “__ before __” list and I am really excited for the year ahead. As I’m sure you’ll notice a lot of my goals this year focus on trying new things and pushing the boundaries on the skills that I already have. I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress!

  1. Body Beautiful – find my healthy and work on loving what God gave me.
  2. Coffee Journey – cold brew, french press, turkish…find my perfect cup.
    *my acupuncturist put the kibosh on this, but I have rediscovered my love of hot tea. My reining favorite is Princess Grey.
  3. Convince Andy to grow and wax a handle bar mustache.
  4. Try 10 new recipes.
    Double Chocolate Cookies
    Very Blueberry Scones
    Vanilla Extract
    Chocolate Blackberry Whipped Ganache
    Biscoff Brownies
    Biscoff Blondies
    Chocolate Peanut Butter Bark

    Red Velvet Whoopie Pies
    Chocolate Orange Cookies
    Chocolate Drizzled Orange Spice Cookies
  5. Take a hand lettering class.
    Silk Dying Class
  6. Take a painting class
  7. Take a class and learn a new skill (TBD).
    Indigo Dying Class
  8. Write 5 original recipes or recipe adaptations.
    Pineapple Buttercream
    Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Jar
    Vegan Hot Cocoa in a Jar
    Vegan Apple Crumble
    Peanut Butter Pretzel Brittle
  9. Get my braces off.
  10. Redesign blog layout.
  11. Complete three mini home renovation projects.
  12. Take a mini Atlanta vacation.
  13. Do two Zen Tangles a week. Ended up with adult coloring books instead.
  14. Try 12 new restaurants.
    4 Rivers
    Northside Pies

    Consciousness Blossoms
    First Watch
    Maple Street Biscuit Co
    Apropos Deli
    West Egg
    Midtown Caboose
    Be Our Guest

    Au Peche Mignon
  15. Collaborate on two new projects.
  16. Go apple picking.
  17. Put the MP3s from all of my cds on one car friendly storage device. Nope
  18. Create my first DIY post. Fail, I had some great ideas, they just never made it to you guys.
  19. Have high tea.
  20. Host a tea party.
  21. Make a quilt. I completely forgot about this until about two weeks ago and I decided that it was just going to have to wait another year.
  22. Make a statement necklace.
  23. Fill a sketchbook with new designs. I didn’t manage to fill one, but there has been a definite increase in the number of sketches I’ve been doing.
  24. Find a way for my diabetic mother to have dessert every night.
  25. Make at least 5 of the crafts I’ve pinned on Pinterest.
    Glitter Dipped Wooden Spoons
    Tea Wreath
    Cocoa & Cookies in Jars
    Paper Flowers
    Christmas Gnomes
    Flower Crown

    Flower Monogram
  26. Work on curating a wardrobe vs. just buying clothing.
  27. Wear makeup at least five days a week.
  28. Get my tattoo. Didn’t make it to Savannah, hopefully next year.
  29. Create a gallery wall in the master bedroom. I didn’t find all of the things I wanted to fill the space, but I am about half there.

If you’re interested, you can see my 26 before 27, 27 before 28 and 28 before 29(my best year yet!).


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