Holiday Recap

Aaaaannnndddd we’re back! I know the “holidays” aren’t really over until after New Years Eve, but my house is eerily quiet and I have to go back to the office so it feels like things are at least a bit “over”. I had such a great Christmas, and I wanted to share a bit of the second part of my week with you guys. Enjoy!

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Christmas Eve and Day were a blur of cooking, cleaning, laughing and visiting with family. It was absolutely wonderful to have a full house for the first time in forever. My Uncle Brian won the prize for “Best Gift” with the Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp he made for my mother. She has been wanting a larger one ever since she got her tiny side table lamp and we all agreed that this was the prettiest one we’d ever seen.

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Unfortunately, half of our visitors had to head home on Friday, but Andy and I took my mom and step dad to the Tallahassee Museum… after I fortified myself with a large mug of tea in my new favorite “Cat Mom” mug, of course. It was the perfect day to be out and about: sunny, but still cool enough for walking around to be enjoyable. All of the animals were enjoying the good weather as well; we got to watch the otter frolic around in his pond and the red wolves were having a blast playing tag. Even the farm animals were walking around their pens making happy sounds.

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One of the best parts of the week was the mother daughter day my mom and I planned. We kicked things off with breakfast at Liams’ with two giant bowls of coffee and orange scented doughnuts. Then came quite a bit of shopping, most of it was window shopping, but we still had a blast. After we walked around enough to feel like our feet were about to fall off, we picked the boys up for dinner out. My poor mom was so tuckered out, she fell asleep in front of the fire. Apparently, the couch wasn’t close enough so she had to make her own place to lounge.

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