Valentines Wish List

I know Valentines Day is traditionally a day of candy and flowers, but I think it’s extra sweet when your someone special thinks outside the box and gets you something uniquely tailored to you. Our first Valentines Day together Andy got me a box set of the Sherlock Holmes novels; a lot of my friends thought it was strange, but I thought is was incredibly romantic. We’d talked about it once over dinner, and he still remembered months later. Seriously, I was all dopey and moony for days.  Along those lines, this year I’ve come up with a wish list of all sorts of things I wouldn’t mind unwrapping on the 14th.

Valentines Day Wish List


1. Blogger by Nature Mug, 2. Hug A Cat Pillow, 3. Outpouring Earrings, 4.Fuji Instax Mini, 5. Cloche Jewelry Stand, 6. Manie Pink & Gold Flats, 7. Black Cat Tights, 8. Capri Blue Mercury Glass Jar Candle, 9. Swathi Punjammies

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given your Valentine?

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