Baubles for Fur Babies

I’ve always been a bit jealous of people who have pets that don’t mind playing dress up. My uncle has a Pomeranian that LOVES playing dress up. She figured out a long time ago that dressing up got her extra treats and attention, so now she patiently waits for you to dress her, then proceeds to prance about so in an “I’m so pretty” fashion. I tried to put an elf hat and jingle collar on Octavian once and he refused to do anything but glare and lay on the floor in a melted boneless kitty lump. The offending hat was later mysteriously shredded. Since all my fur babies are indoor only cats they don’t even wear collars anymore. Which I didn’t mind until I got an email from Bauble Bar featuring their latest batch of baby bling.

Bauble 10 Bauble5 Bauble 3 Bauble 2
Bauble 9 Bauble 8 Bauble 4 Bauble 1
Bauble 7 Bauble 6

I want to buy my babies bling so badly! They would be fashionable as well as adorable.



All images from Bauble Bar.

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