Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, peoples! Have you ever had one of those weekends that was a blast, but left you feeling like you needed another weekend to recover? Yeah, it was one of those weekends. I had the best birthday weekend, and I went to bed last night feeling very loved and very, very spoiled. Good food, good friends, gifts, cards, gift cards, trips and shopping; what more could a girl ask for?

Mine 1 Mine 4
Mine 3 Mine 5
Mine 2 Mine 6

1 – The dogwoods are finally blooming! Ever since my freshman year of college when I saw the trees around campus bloom for the first time, I have loved dogwood blossoms; they were even my very first tattoo. I have a cluster of blossoms on the left side of my ribcage.

2 – My coworkers got me my favorite carrot cake on Friday to celebrate. This is a true veggie lovers carrot cake; it even has zucchini in it!

3 – Saturday, we had the best time walking around the Asian Gardens at the Jacksonville Zoo; there was even a purple koi fish living in the pond. He didn’t find me nearly as fascinating as I found him.

4 – I always get a kick out of seeing these iconic Florida birds. These guys were especially vibrant and surprisingly vocal.

5 – Head over heels for this window display, I think I need to figure out how to put a flower swing (and those shoes!) in the house.

6 – Andy and I kicked off my actual birthday with a little bit of sleeping in and berry waffles from The Egg, so crazy good!

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My name is Julieanna Bucior, but I go by Julie (unless I'm in trouble). I'm thirty one. I am a bookkeeper by day, rogue fashion designer/crafter/amateur baker by night. I spend most of my time feeling like a kindergartner trapped inside an adult's body. I love reading, hanging out with my crazy cats and being silly. I'm pretty much the girl next door, with a twist.