Work Stress and a Pretty Dress

This time of year I usually find myself struggling a bit. The stress level at the office is through the roof, and it’s hard to leave it at the door when I go home at the end of the day. I start to feel boxed in and anxious, wondering “Is this really my life!?” I decided long ago that building a life here with Andy was my top priority, and I would take whatever job best met our needs, but when things build up like this, I can feel these whips of agitation winding tighter and tighter around me. Angry clients, missing envelopes, irritable coworkers, cranky bosses, band after band tightening around me until all I want to do is sit in the dark and mindlessly binge watch TV for a few hours before I can reasonably go to bed. In an effort to keep the crazy at bay, I’ve been trying to give myself tiny breaks throughout the day. Read an article, scroll through Instagram, click around Pinterest, just a few moments to disconnect and regroup. The jury is still out on whether this is helping or not, but I did come across something really beautiful on Green Wedding Shoes. A literal Flower Dress.

Flowers 1 Flowers 5 Flowers 2 Flowers 4 Flowers 3 Fowers 6 Flowers 7 Flowers 8 Flowers 9

In some of these images, it looks like she grew from the clover patch she’s standing in. It’s like finding a living breathing fairy tale. This world may be deadlines and endless columns of numbers, but there is also beauty and things that make magic seem real; maybe that is what I should be focusing on instead, huh?

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