Friday Link Love


Hey guys! Despite the way it may seem, I haven’t abandoned you. I mean I did, sort of, but not intentionally. Things are heating up at the office as the big April 15th deadline draws near, and I’ve had some issues with my new migraine meds. With all that going on, Friday just sort of snuck up on me. You should see the “drafts” folder in my email; not pretty. I am hoping to get things back on track this weekend. I have things to do and people to see on Saturday, but so far Sunday is looking lot a whole lot of nothing, which would be incredible. What’s on your weekend schedule?

Ever wondered what happened to your favorite Disney princes after the “happily ever after”? Now you don’t have to.

Have you heard of the FannyBasket at Target? Others seems to love it, but for me it’s a big fat “nope”.

Fancy waffles that practically scream “spring”, swanky brunch anyone?

Speaking of spring, I want pretty much everything in the Terrain Spring Shop.

As much as I bake, you would think that I’d know why browned butter is so awesome, but I didn’t until now.

Image from here.

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