Veggie Jerky? Say What?

I found something interesting while grocery shopping this weekend, Primal Strips: Meatless Vegan Jerky. What the what?! I couldn’t pass them up. I went into the taste testing process extremely skeptical, and honestly, I am kind of blown away. After purchasing our snacks, I was trying to keep my expectations low (I mean, veggie jerky; come on), but I was really excited. I ate a lot of jerky before I became a vegetarian, and I assumed it would be one of those things for which I’d never find a good replacement. We tried three of the four flavors they had at our local Whole Foods: Hickory Smoked, Thai Peanut, and Texas BBQ (I passed on the Mesquite Lime).

Me 3 Me 2 me 1

First of all you have to remember that this is not going to taste like your standard beef jerky. Like most of the other vegetarian/vegan products I tried, it’s good on it’s own, but if you go in thinking it’s going to magically taste like meat, you’re going to be disappointed.

The Review:

Hickory Smoked – texture wise, this reminded me a lot of a Slim Jim. While a little toothsome, it shredded as you pulled it apart. It definitely had the smokey flavor you’d want from jerky and a bit of sweetness to balance out the flavor.

Thai Peanut – probably the most “jerky” like of all three texture wise. The flavor was really subtle, and I may not have been able to identify it as “Thai Peanut” if it hadn’t been stated on the packaging.

Texas BBQ – very similar texture to the Hickory Smoked (probably because they are both made of soy). Nice rich Bar-B-Q flavor, definitely the sweetest of the bunch, although not enough to be off-putting.

Overall – All of the flavors ended up being a little “wet”, I’m not used to having to wipe sauce off my fingers when I eat jerky. While not exactly like meat, the bases were pretty close texture/flavor-wise to chicken or turkey jerky.

The Verdict:

I would absolutely buy these again. Each stick is 10 grams of protein, and it’s a perfect snack for keeping in your desk at the office or in your purse or briefcase. Andy gallantly offered to help me taste test, and he said even as a meat eater he’d definitely buy these again. Andy’s favorite flavor was the Thai Peanut; mine was a toss up between the Texas BBQ and the Thai Peanut. Still, if neither of those flavors were available the next time I went to the store, I would pick up the Hickory Smoked and not feel like I was missing out at all.


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