Weekend Recap

It was one of those crazy weekends that are ridiculous amounts of fun, but over before you can blink. Georgia, North Carolina and then back to Florida, the poor husband is so tired that he had to take an extra day off before heading back to the office. Here are some highlights:

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1 – Oliver went into full on toddler pout mode when he saw us packing our bags. Also, he is not allowed on the table, but he thinks that being in something on table makes it okay.

2 – Since the all ladies were going to be at the sprinkle for the better part of the afternoon, Andy decided to take a mini day trip to Greensboro and have lunch with his mom and dad. This is him killing time until he could start his drive.

3 – Lucy is one of these sweetest little puppies I’ve ever met. I gave her ear and tummy scratches, and she said we could be besties.

4 – My friend’s daughter Abigail gets cuter ever time I see her. We colored, we played with Ms. Potato Head, and I showed her how to take pictures of Mommy with my phone; super fun big girl stuff. I wish I could steal her.

5 – The adorable duckie cupcakes from Gigis were the perfect sprinkle center piece, and they were made for people who like a little cupcake with their frosting.

6 –  Veggie hash and poached eggs, perfect cheat day breakfast.

7 – Ladies who brunch,.

8 – My first ever trip to Lush, so many beautiful smells and colors. A little overwhelming, but I found some great things that I’ll share with you guys later.

How was your weekend?

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