Weekend Recap

It rained this weekend, a lot. A lot, a lot, but I didn’t let that stop me! Here are some highlights.


Since the birthday girl was sick last weekend, Jenn and I had our girls’ day out this past weekend. We kicked things off the way we normally do with brunch. However, instead of our regular Tallahassee haunt, we drove a little across the state line to Liam’s in Thomasville, GA.

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We kicked off birthday brunch with an order of fried peach fritters and steamy mugs of tea. Then, we got down to the important stuff. In my case, that meant the incredible Brioche French Toast, and Jenn went for their Smoked Salmon BLT. We weren’t quite waddling when we left, but we were close.

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Next, we hit some of our favorite downtown shops; I ended up taking way to many pictures in Firefly, but I love that store like, whoa, big time. The place is filled to the ceiling with beautiful home goods and quirky jewelry. They also do amazing gift wrapping, and I have on more than one occasion had them wrap whatever trinket I picked up, even if it’s just for me.

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After that, we spent some time in The Bookshelf. Not only do they have a really great selection of books, they sell paper goods and book related accessories. I have one of their tshirts that reads “I like big books and I cannot lie.”

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The best part of this store is, without a doubt, their children’s section. They have play areas, and I always spend about half an hour reading the featured titles. I fell completely in love with the book This is Sadie; if I ever have kids, I hope they have half her imagination. I may actually go back and buy it for myself. The illustrations are beautiful, and the reminder that things can be more than what they seem is something I think every adult needs to remind themselves of every now and again.

How was your weekend?

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