It’s begining to look a lot like Christmas

Not so much at the apartment right now, sadly my walls are still un-decked, but my office is looking pretty spiffy.  Something about being paid to hang Christmas decorations is so much more appealing than say, filing or shredding, which this time of year are pretty much my only other options.  Not that I am complaining, once the calender strikes January and the world starts issuing 2011 w2’s, all hell will break loose and i’ll be a frenzied cyclone of tax organizers, appointment books and phone messages. Man does my job sound glamorous or what?

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is getting Christmas cards; I think this stems mostly from them containing checks or cash when I was younger.  Regardless, I love cards, but what to do with these folded pieces of holiday cheer? My fridge is covered in magnets and recipes and my door has this strange paint on it that repels tape. Fear not, here are some delightful solutions to the card display dilemma:

So there you have it, now go forth and decorate!

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