Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a wonderful three day weekend. I am back in Tally, and aside from being a little travel weary, I’m still jazzed from this weekend. Aside from the standard girls weekend shenanigans, I made it to Palm Harbor in time to participate in the grand opening of the children’s learning center Stefanie is working at. I got to see her do a quick kid’s yoga demo and see the owner award her with her very own set of keys. It was really cool to be there for what is a huge new life step for her. Here are some more of the weekend antics.

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1 –  We spent a ridiculous amount of time in Earth Bound, and while we were restrained in our actual purchases, I think we each mentally spent about $500. So many amazing things I’d love to have for my home, office and closet.

2 – I had one of the most incredible meals I’ve had in a very long time at one of Stefanie’s favorite restaurants: Consciousness Blossoms. Bonus, everything was vegan or vegetarian, so I could order ANYTHING I wanted off the menu without having to check ingredients. Heaven!

3&4 – While I absolutely missed my fur babies, Ruby and Gus made sure I didn’t go without snuggle. At one point,I had them on either side of me, both demanding tummy scratches; it’s a good thing I have two hands.

5 – With the aid of a few Pinterest recipes, we concocted some amazingly delicious vegan peanut butter cookies. It made a couple of dozen, so there were more than enough for me to take home to share with Andy. He liked them, too 🙂

6 – After cookies, we decided that it was time for facials and YouTube videos. I introduced her to the BuzzFeed Try Guys and My Drunk Kitchen.

7 – Sunday, I got up early-ish and grabbed breakfast with my dad at First Watch (another amazing restaurant). We hung out for an hour before he had to head into work, which was a nice added bonus to my impromptu weekend trip.

8 –  Both Andy and the kitties were very happy to see me when I got home; I think at one point I had four of the cats trying to sit in my lap, and Oliver insisted on sleeping in my arms while I read before bed.

So there you have it, a pretty awesome weekend. How did you spend your Labor Day?

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