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Sometimes you just need a little something special…

The first time I ever walked into an Anthropologie I couldn’t believe that so many pretty uniquely wonderful things could exist in the same space. Unfortunately (or fortunately in my bank accounts case), there isn’t one close by so I only get to wander around in one once or twice a year. That doesn’t stop me from browsing online when I feel the need to see something special. Right now I am loving their necklaces. My wardrobe contains a lot of solids and neutrals that can be dressed up or down for work. A lot of the visual interest comes from accessories. Scarves and statement necklaces are my two top go-to options. Here are a few of the necklaces that I wish would make their way into my jewelry box.

Necklace1 Necklace7 Necklace2 Necklace5 Necklace3 Necklace6 Necklace4 Necklace8

The butterfly wings on necklaces 3&4 are so delicate and  wonderfully fairytale-esqe, and that first necklace? I could wear sweat pants and a ratty tshirt and still look amazing. There may be some subtle hinting directed toward my husband in the near future. My birthday is right around the corner after all.


All images from Anthropologie.

Bohemian Blouses

As the temperature rises and long sleeves are no longer necessary, I find myself looking longingly at the light billowy shirts that are making their way into the stores. Of course Anthropologie has a wonderful collection of beautiful blouses & button-downs that I would LOVE to fill my closet with. You know, if I could afford to spend my entire paycheck on clothes. These are a few of my favorite pieces.

Blouse 2 Blouse 3 Blouse 5 Blouse 4 Blouse 6 Blouse 7 Blouse 1 Blouse 8

The flowers, the quirky cuts and whimsical details? I can’t get enough. Is there someone out there who’d like to give me an Anthropologie shopping spree for my birthday? Pretty please?



All images from Anthropologie.

Some Holiday Magic

I may have a case of the Wednesday grumpies, but this cute little video by Anthropologie made me thing about all of the fun holiday things I have coming up.


It may be all reports and paperwork now, but there will be tree decorating, hot chocolate and Christmas lights later.

Sometimes it’s just for you…

I know the main purpose of nighties and the like are to attract a significant (or non-significant, I don’t judge) other, but sometimes it’s nice to buy something that is pretty just for you. I love getting the holiday Victoria Secret catalog because it not only has all sorts of gorgeous options (fresh off the runway), but they also have warmer options that are  just as cute. I got mine in the mail yesterday. If that wasn’t bad enough, Anthropolgie then sends me an email enticing me to check out their new “holiday” additions the their intimates  section, and you guys know how I am about Anthropologie.


Slip 4

Slip 5

Slip 1

Slip 7

Slip 6

What’s a girl to do?

*Side note: I did break down and buy this adorable lavender bra from VS, it has sparkles!


All images from here.

Sweet Skirts

I apologize for the infrequent posts. Unfortunately, my day job has me a little spacey these days. The second biggest deadline of the year is looming, and the nightmares I used to have every single finals week in college are back with an accounting twist. I do it to myself, I suck at letting things go, and really I just need to find a way to be a little more zen about certain aspects of my life. Especially those that are way way way beyond my control. To take my mind off of some of the work insanity, I’ve created a spin off of the “Someday When I am Rich” game that Andy and I like to play. It’s called the “If I Could Afford to Blow My Entire Paycheck at Anthropologie” game. Okay, the name needs a little work, but I still get a kick out of it. This weekend the game focused on the surprisingly spring-ish skirts currently available at Anthropolgie.

Skirt 1

Skirt 2

Skirt 3

Skirt 5

Skirt 6

Skirt 4

Skirt 7

Gorgeous huh? I think the black and gold lace skirt would be perfect for New Years Eve. Maybe with a beaded cardigan and some killer shoes…