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Little Things I Love : Scissor Specimens

When I first declared apparel design as my major in college I congratulated myself on all the money I’d be saving, since design and sewing classes couldn’t possibly require a large number of textbooks and traditional school supplies right? Boy howdy was I wrong. Many semesters my list of required reading material was far and above that of my friends and roommates. AND I was constantly buying art supplies, fabrics, sewing notions and special sewing equipment.

One of the things I went through the fastest was scissors, which may sound a bit strange, but when you are cutting paper, patterns and fabric all day every day the cheapo Wal-Mart scissors just can’t keep up. So I scrimped and saved and hunted coupons until I could buy myself a pair of Gingher knife edged shears. They’re the Rolls Royce of sewing shears and my goodness they were glorious. Still are actually, I’ve had them since my Junior year of college and they still work better than any other scissors. The point of this long story is to put into perspective the love I have for sewing/crafting supplies. New, old, antique or otherwise I love coming across something really unique. Which is why I am completely in love with these mixed media pieces by artist Cori Kindred.

Scissors 2 Scissors 1 Scissors 3

These would look amazing on my home office walls. Way up on the wall, far away from me and my clumsy cats.

Images from CoriKindred on Etsy.