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Corn Maze!!!

Things got Basic the weekend before last. Inspired by the hint of chill in the air, I donned plaid one day and the next loaded up Andy, my mom and my friend Tori and headed to the corn maze at Aunt Louise’s Farm in Monticello, FL. Neither my mom nor myself had ever been to a corn maze before, so there was a decent amount of fluctuation between cautious excitement and down right childlike glee over the prospect of seeing what we could see.

11It was the first weekend the maze had been opened to the public, and since we all managed to get up and out early, we were literally the fist paying customers to walk the maze for 2016.13 12 14 The maze itself was a decent size and peppered with festive scarecrows, punny signs, and, oddly enough, tiny watermelons (I’m guessing a holdover from this summer?). 16 15 With the exception of a few spider web mishaps, we made it through the maze in good time, quite pleased with ourselves and ready to check out the rest of what the farm had to offer…4 1 …like the corn pit. My mom blatantly ignored the rule by throwing a handful of corn down my shirt pretty much as soon as I stepped foot into the pit. I tried to roll over to prevent more kernels from lodging in my bra, and she and Tori preceded to try and bury me. There was lots of laughter and additional shenanigans, much to the delight of our fellow farm visitors. And yes, even after a vigorous shaking of garments, I still found corn in my bra, shirt, and pants pockets when I changed for be that night.18 6 7 Of course I found and made friends with the farms’s feline petrol officer Angel. She was very sweet and quite fond of ear scratches.17 9 The farm is home to a number of different animals, and I spent the next couple of hours walking around with my cup of feed, making friends, and getting baby animal snuggles. My mom had been teasing me earlier about my dietary choices (being pescatarian) and trying to understand why I do what I do, so I told her as we were scratching the ears of the trio of baby calves “this is why”. I don’t mind other people doing what is right for them, but the deep love and appreciation I have for these fluffy and feathered cuties is the reason I gave up land meat. 21 20 23 24 25I was the tiniest bit afraid that the alpacas would spit at me, but the farm hand told us that these guys were supper mellow, and they only spit at people when they got scared 🙂26 28 we4Before heading home, we made a quick by the concession stand and picked up a couple of the farms famous cornbread waffles and relaxed under the shaded picnic tables. we1A really great trip, and it’s something I can see us doing again and again for years to come.

Autumn Wish List

Florida may not have accepted that it is indeed fall yet, but I refuse to miss out on the fun. There is quite a bit of fall merriment to be had, not to mention all of the wonderful seasonally inspired items decking the halls and shelves of the stores. Because I am me and I am forever coming up with ways to be “productive” while actually accomplishing nothing, I made myself a fall inspired wish list. Even better, I got to ogle all of the pretty things and it technically hasn’t cost us anything….yet. Andy did cringe the tiniest bit when I showed him what I was working on.


  1. Marrakesh Dress – Free People
  2. Garnet Statement Necklace – Urban Outfitters
  3. Miss Albright Vanessa Flats – Anthropologie
  4. Riviera Band Ring – Banana Republic
  5. Ronan Plaid Throw – Pottery Barn
  6. UD Vice Lipstick in Backdoor – Ulta
  7. Hot Cider Candle – Terrain
  8. Butter London Nail Polish in The Old Bill – Kiss & Makeup
  9. At-Home Editor Tunic – ModCloth

Nice, right? I am really into garnet and warm metallics right now. Seasonally appropriate, and they tend to look nice with my coloring. I am even considering transitioning my hair color from the violet reds I’ve been favoring lately to more coppery tones. Now all I need is a mug of cider and I’ll be good to go.

First Day of Fall

It’s the first day of fall! It doesn’t usually mean a whole lot here in Florida, but today it seems like the weather had decided to cooperate. The thermometer is topping out a couple of degrees shy of 85 and tonight will be in the low sixties. So wonderful after the brutal summer we’ve had. I even told Andy that we should try to find somewhere to eat outside on weekly date night. To celebrate my favorite season here are a few of my favorite things about Fall.

Fall 7

  • The sound of leaves crunching under your shoes
  • Warm apple cider
  • Cozy sweaters

Fall 2

  • Making Pies
  • Carving pumpkins and toasting the pumpkin seeds
  • Hanging cinnamon brooms

Fall 3

  • Wearing a scarf
  • Decorating for the holidays
  • Watching the leaves change

Fall 1

  • Eating brunch on the porch of my favorite breakfast spot
  • Time with family
  • Boots


All images from my Autumn Pinterest board.

These are a few of my favorite things: Autumn

Autumn is finally here! I realized this morning that I was sick and tired of summer and decided that today is the first day of Fall.  I’m not sure whether or not I can formally make this decision, but until someone tells me otherwise I am going to run with it. To get things started here are some of my favorite things about my favorite season.


  This far south the leaves all change color and fall off the trees usually within one week. But that week is as beautiful as it is heart-breakingly brief. The riot of colors oranges, yellows, reds and even purples that rain down like holiday confetti resulting in a delightfully crunchy carpet. It makes me miss walking from class to class across the green and under the canopy walk beside the student union…


Hot cider on a chilly evening, warm apple pie fresh from the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream melting into a delicious cinnamon-y puddle, or apple butter spread on piping hot biscuits to accompany a Sunday morning mug of tea…


Soft snuggley pullovers that fall way past your wrists, thick cable knits with collars that hug up close to your chin, even light weight cardigans that keep you warm during the morning chill, but can be shoved in your bag once the sun comes out…

Longer Evenings

Where there is plenty of time to pause and watch the sun set, settle in for an evening movie and toast marshmallows in the fireplace…

According to the weather man we’ll be getting some cooler temperatures by the end of the week, keep your fingers crossed!

Images from here.