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Friday Link Love

Friday link love 3

Whew, it’s finally Friday. Things have been crazy at Casa Bucior this week. Our front yard is all dug up from the guys connection our house to the city sewer system, oh the joys of being a homeowner. Bonus – they had to cut out part of our drive way because the pipes needed to run underneath. Supposedly this hole will be fixed soon, but with the daily afternoon showers they “can’t” pour the concrete. I can’t tell you what a joy it has been to have random strangers stomping through the house as they please tracking in dirt and terrifying the cats. Poor Oliver was so scared that he wedged himself under the couch for about four hours. I didn’t get to see it, but Andy said that watching a 20lb cat wedge himself into a maybe 5inch tall space was quite a site to see. But it’s almost weekend time and the work is supposed to wrap up today, and I am really looking forward to two whole days of peace and quiet. Now for the links:

My favorite Pinterest board of the week.

Allow me to introduce you to Hilda, America’s forgotten plus size pin-up girl.

My shoe current shoe crush.

My current puppy crush.

Since I know several of you are throwing showers with in the next few months, allow me to introduce you to the blog Bump Smitten.

This photo post from Lune really struck a cord with me, my brother and I had the same exact tent in our den growing up.

Image from here.


I need a cool breeze

Uuuuuggggghhhhh, it is so gross outside! It’s hot and sticky and walking around feels more like swimming. What I wouldn’t give for a cool breeze! When I looked through these pictures all I could think was how much I would love to be on an overcast breeze with the wind blowing.  I wouldn’t even mind the salt spray.

Velvet 1 Velvet 2 Velvet 3 Velvet 4 Velvet 5 Velvet 6 Velvet 7 Velvet 8 Velvet 9

Andy and I had a wonderful time in St. Pete. The baby shower was a hit and it great catching up with some of my college friends. One of those happy/sad moment’s.  It’s nice to see everyone, but it still seems weird to only see them once or twice a year when I used to see them almost every day. Oh well, just another one of the “growing up” things I guess.

Images from Lane.