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Nostalgia & Napkin Rings

I realized a few weeks ago my group of friends is now in round two of the wedding cycle. Round one was right after college, all the couples graduated and got hitched. It seemed like there was a wedding every six months, that group has now moved on to babies. But back to round two, these are my friends that were single at the end of college and met someone after relocating. Three weddings within the next year. I am so very happy for them, and so very happy not to be them. I don’t EVER want to plan a wedding again. The budgeting, the balancing and the coordinating, oh god the coordinating! So many stories. All the realization and reminiscing resulted in me clicking around a few of my favorite bookmarked wedding blogs and, of course finding, a DIY that I just had to share.

The inspiration for these gilded napkin rings came from a table-scape designed by Firefly Events. The rings they used were actually bracelets from Anthro, which was an ingenious idea, but with a price tag of $48 a piece a bit expensive. So the design team at Ruffled got creative and traced down golden arrow findings from this Etsy seller, threw in a little elbow grease and ta-da, golden arrow napkin rings for a fraction of the price.

Arrow DIY 1 Arrow DIY 2 Arrow DIY 3

Crafting and saving money?! I think i’m in love.


Free Stuff!!!

Being a bargain shopper born and bred, I look for deals, coupons or free samples without even meaning to. It’s a difficult thing to balance. While it is great to find an amazing deal on something, it is only worthwhile if it was something you intended on purchasing in the first place. It’s one of the big reasons I am so keen on purging some of the less desirable items from my closet.  A lot of what I have was purchased because it was on sale. There are some great pieces like the gorgeous violet sheath that I bought for Andy’s sister’s wedding, and then there are some things like the crazy green ruffle tank from two years ago that I’ve never even taken the $2 price tag off of.

The internet can be the same way, lots of designer/artists/illustrators offer free tools for programs like Photoshop and templates for crafters. But unless you really need 47 different types of arrows or 123 new fonts, don’t waste your memory space.  But like any bargain shopping, occasionally you find something truly perfect. Like these free (man I love that word) printable placemats from The Pretty Blog.

Cutlery Placemat
Teapot Placemat
Flourish Placemat

This is perfect way to spruce up you place setting, inexpensive and disposable. These placemats are crisp and clean on bright white, but they would look lovely in pastels, ivory or even neon.  You could even take the artists advice and take it one step further, and print these lovely images onto reverse transfer paper and iron onto plain cloth placemats.

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