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Real Life Fairy Tale Things!

Guys I am geeking out so hard right now! Not only am I going to an special early showing of the new Beauty & the Beast movie tomorrow night, I just found out that you can have your very own enchanted rose. This is some real life crazy fairy tale awesome! The company is called Forever Rose, and they are offering up living flowers that can last up to three years without water or sunlight and theoretically last indefinitely if they are kept in their protected glass domes.

When I saw these white ones, all I could think was how they would be amazing centerpieces at a wedding. Heck, they would probably even upstage the all-important wow of the wedding dress. Oh, and of course I need a full arrangement to live in my work office. 

I can’t even begin to articulate how badly I want one of these. It’s one thing to have to get a shirt or a mug with images from the movie on it, but to be able to to have a real piece of the magic? It doesn’t get any better than that for me. Now all I need is a yellow ball gown and a talking teapot and I will be set.


Images from here & here.

Inspiration: Fame & Fairytales

I love fairy tales, I wanted to be a mermaid ballerina when I grew up, and I just knew that somehow I was a princess waiting to be discovered.  Twenty something years and a moderate dose of reality later, there is still a sizable portion of my childish enthusiasm left.  I still dream of enchanted roses and happily ever afters.

One of my favorite editorial spreads of all time came from the April 2005 Vogue.  Annie Leibovitz and Drew Barrymore teamed up to create a high fashion version of Beauty & the Beast.  I bought two copies of the issue and I saved the online images under my “favorites”.  Now i’m sharing them with you.

I would LOVE to spend an afternoon wearing gorgeous dresses and pretending to live in an enchanted kingdom.  It sure beat the pants off of filing and data entry.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, we’ve only have a few more hours of freedom left!