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Where I’d Most Like To Be…

Occasionally, I lie to myself. One of the most frequent lies I tell myself is that pinning things to my Pinterest boards while watching TV not only counts as multitasking, but it counts as being productive. It’s research for future baking, crafting, or artistic endeavors, and as such, is absolutely necessary to my creative process. Much better than simply laying on the couch covered in cats. Really. Since I spent most of yesterday daydreaming about curling up for a nap in piles of soft snowy linens, my Pinterest searching was mostly centered around beds and bedrooms; I even found this board, Where To Sleep, that had a number of images that very closely mirrored my daydreams. Fate?

Bed 2 Bed 4 Bed 1 Bed 7 Bed 5 Bed 3

Hey, at least I got a blog post out of it, right? That’s like multi-multitasking. What do you find yourself pinning these days?

All Out of Whack

This has been the strangest, most unbearably long week in a very long time. My boss was out the office yesterday, I woke up positive it was Friday this morning and the office park my company was in received notice that we were quarantined this morning.  It was all cleared up in a few hours, there was apparently a suspicious abandoned car across the street, but this day is now clearly defined as “one of those days”. I knew I should have called in and snuggled back into the soft covers this morning.

Yes, I did build myself a Pinterest board entitled “Sleeping In“. Although, according to Andy, none of these accurately portrays how I sleep. Evidently, I curl up and nest with the comforter all around me, and Andy has to look for the “air hole” I leave around my face to locate my exact position. As far as I can figure, this is probably the result of years of sleeping in the same bed as cats that will headbutt or paw at any visible hands or feet. Either way, the take away from today is this,”I should have listened to the fluffy orange cat and stayed in bed.”

The Waiting Game

I hate waiting for things to happen.   Growing up (well getting older anyway) has tempered that just the tiniest bit, but more than I liked to admit, I operate mostly on instinct and my gut reaction to situations. When I decide I am ready to do something, it is almost agonizing to feel like I’m not making progress.  When it looked like we were about to close on a house a couple of weeks ago I hit homeowner mode hard core.  I was reviewing furniture stores, looking for fixtures, checking out paint combinations, and now we are back to square one.  It’s like I’ve snagged my sweater on the edge of the desk and I can’t seem to pull it free. Fortunately Andy accepts this personality quirk and he’ll patiently sit through whatever crazy internet find I just have to share with him.  Today it’s canopy beds.  I’ve always wanted one, and provided I can find one that isn’t overly girly or complicated Andy has agreed to let me pick out one for the future master bedroom.

These are a pretty good representation of what I am currently leaning towards (yes I did sneak one sort of girly one in there). So for now I am trying to convince myself that all this browsing and dreaming really will pay off once we find a home.  At least I’ll have an idea of what I want….until I see something shiner.

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Sleepy Tuesday

I don’t think I triple shot of expresso and the promise of new shoes would have made getting out of bed any easier this morning.  I just haven’t been sleeping well the last few days and it is starting to takes its toll. I even found myself being jealous of Octavian (one of my cats), he was dozing so comfortably snuggled up in our big fluffy couch throw this morning. So I’ve been sitting at work, trying to be productive, and catching myself daydreaming about cool sheets and snugly blankets. I keep telling Andy we need to become independently wealthy so we don’t have to go to work every day, now if I could only figure out how to become independently wealthy….I fear it has something to do with going to work…

This doesn’t bode well for the rest of my week, it’s only Tuesday (sigh).

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