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Behind Glass

On our honeymoon, Andy bought me a framed blue butterfly to match the one I’d gotten tattooed on my wrist. I kept it in the window of my office for year, which unfortunately was a horrible idea since the sun bleached all of the lovely color from my beloved butterfly. When we went back to Savannah this past November, Andy bought me another blue butterfly from the very same shop the original came from. My original butterfly is now on the bookshelf in my bedroom and its replacement is on a bookshelf, far away from the window, in my work office.

Since that first butterfly, I’ve found myself gravitating to them more and more when it comes to home decor. Now this isn’t to say that I’ve gone butterfly crazy, just because it falls within that motif doesn’t mean that I’ll like it, but realistic renderings and framed arrangements? Now, those are right up my alley.

My collection is still quite small; I am trying to be very choosy about what I invest in. Also, Andy finds them just a tad creepy so I definitely don’t want to go overboard, but bit by bit, I am integrating them. Someday I will have a display as lovely as one of these.

Images from Design Sponge 1 & 2 and Pinterest Butterfly.

And so it begins….

Today marks what is hopefully the beginning of the end of our house hunt.  Unfortunately, Andy is tackeling this part of the process without me, I am confined to the apartment today monitoring Octavian.  When we went to feed the babies before bed last night, Andy couldn’t get Octavian to eat or even come over to the food dish.  We tried kitty treats, wet cat food, people food and he wouldn’t touch any of it.  While this may not seem like a huge deal, Octavian has never turned down food in the eight years i’ve been is owner.  I decided to sit up with him for a bit ,and after two hours of watching him become increasingly lethargic and struggle to breathe Andy  and I finally bundled him up and took him to the emergency vet.  A vitamin shot and some med later he is eating enough not to have to go back to the vet, but we were told to keep a close eye on his for 24 hours. So here I sit, trying to keep myself from waking the little guy up every five minutes.

Over the last few months i’ve developed a fascination with bell jars and terrariums. I have been toying with the idea of keeping some above the kitchen sink in the new hour or possibly on the window sills in the bathrooms.

While i’d love to display them in a cluster on a coffee table or perhaps even the dining room table, I don’t know if I can trust the furry ones to keep their clumsy paws away from such easily accessible “toys”.

Images from here.