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Spreading You Wings: Shovava

One of the things that I think is important to know about me is that while I may be pushing 30, I am still very much in touch with my inner child. She is loud, opinionated, and, boy, does she like pretty things. Right now she is doing her best to convince me that it is absolutely imperative that we own one of the beautiful scarves from the Etsy shop Shovava. It’s becoming a problem because I know she isn’t going to be happy with just one.

Shovava 8 Shovava 9 Shovava 5 Shovava 4 Shovava 10 Shovava 2Shovava 11 Shovava 3 Shovava 6 Shovava 7 Shovava 12

Flowers, feathers, birds, so intricate and ethereal. I follow their Instagram, and I love, love, LOVE seeing their photo stories. If I don’t have one by December, it’ll probably be somewhere at the tippy top of my Christmas list.


All images are from the Shovava Instagram page.

Amy Judd

There is a subtle complexity to these exquisite images by artist Amy Judd. Exploring the relationship between  women and various natural elements, these images are not just “pretty”, but haunting and mysterious.

Amy Judd 1

Amy Judd 2.1 Amy Judd 2

Amy Judd 3 Amy Judd 4 Amy Judd 5 Amy Judd 6


Unfortunately, the artist’s website did feature much of her work so I had to scour Pinterest to find a lot of these images. You can check out my board here.