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Thomasville & Painting Furry Faces

After an amazing brunch, which I told you about yesterday, my mom, Andy and I wandered around downtown Thomasville for a few hours. I got to introduce my mother to two of my favorite shops of all time: Firefly and The Bookshelf.


Firefly 15 Firefly 4 Firefly 5 Firefly 6 Firefly 12 Firefly 14 Firefly 13

Firefly has all sorts of interesting “home goods” stationary, serving trays, scented candles, brass bunnys, but they also have some really unique jewelry and toys/games for children. Most everything in the store has a practical use, but there is a twist. Like a bottle opener that looks like an octopus or framed pictures of animals wearing old fashion military uniforms. Even better the shops is constantly bringing in new merchandise and changing up their displays.

The Bookshelf

Bookstore 5 Bookstore 2 Bookstore 3 Bookstore 1

The Bookshelf is simply a really great bookstore. I love my Kindle as much as the next girl, but there is just some thing about the smell of a new book, the crack of the spine the first time it opens and the weight of it in your hands. I makes reading seem like a much bigger deal, knowing that there is an adventure or possibly a whole new world contained within the ink and paper in your hands. Gives me shivers. And they have kiosk where you can by cupcakes from a local bakery. Really really delicious cupcakes.

Goal #19

Bookstore 8 Paint 1 Paint 2

Mom and I wrapped up her birthday weekend with the Paint Your Pet Class at Painting with a Twist. Mom painting my Aunt Charlotte’s cat Kiki (on the left) and I painted my youngest fur baby Oliver (on the right). It was a blast and I would love to do it again.

Gnome Party!

This post is inspired by my bestie since kindergarten, Stefanie. She loves gnomes and has a small of collection of lawn gnomes that have graced any front yard she has ever had. When I saw this Gnome Themed Birthday Party I just knew that I had to share it with her, and you guys of course (in case there are any closeted gnome fans amongst you).

Gnome 7

Gnome 9.1

Gnome  2

Gnome 5

Gnome 8

Gnome  3

Gnome 4

Gnome 1

Gnome 9.2

Gnome 11

Gnome 9.3

Gnome 9

While this may have been a party for a four year old, I think it could still be adult appropriate. I’m 27 and I would have loved to be a guest.

All images from 100 Layer Cake.

Old & Forgetful

My birthday was wonderful. On Friday (the actual birthday) Andy brought me coffee and flowers at work and took me out to my favorite vegetarian restaurant for dinner. On Saturday, I got to meet up with my bestie since kindergarten at the same restaurant and get brunch. Then I went home changed and helped Andy put out the last of the food for my Very Merry Unbirthday Tea Party. It was perfect! Good food, beautiful decorations and wonderful people. By far the best birthday I have had in a long time. As Andy and I were cleaning up Saturday night we realized that we didn’t take a single picture of the party! So I sincerely apologize, but I did snap some shots of the decorations before we packed them away.

Flowers and coffee to get my birthday morning started.2013-03-24_10-28-36_629
The centerpieces and tiered tea trays from my birthday party.
Left over garden themed truffles and petite fours.2013-03-24_10-31-57_632(1)
Oliver “helping” with the clean up.2013-03-24_10-32-42_351
The look I got when I told him to get off of the table. For those of you not fluenty in feline he replied with, “But I’m not on the table, I’m on the table cloth.”

I’ll try to post the pictures of my gifts tomorrow!

When You Got It, You Got It

One of the first designers I ever fell in love with was Betsey Johnston. Her distinctive style, as best as I can describe it, is crazy cracked out 80’s drag queen meets psycho princess barbie, but in a good way.This year her Spring 2013 collection for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, was not just another over the top fashion show, it was also her 70th birthday party bash. Complete with confetti, dancing models, glitter and Cyndi Lauper. Seriously guys, this woman is old enough to be my grandmother, and she still kick major runway ass. I hope i’m half as cool when i’m her age.

To see more shots of the collection click here. All the images from this post are from style.com.

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

This post is to wish my father  Happy Birthday!

I was a bit of a daddy’s girl growing up.  Before I was old enough to go to school, my dad would let me go to work with him a couple of days a month. As an airplane mechanic he was fortunate enough to have the kind of work/schedule that allowed him to have a 4 year old in a tutu and tiara trailing him around the hanger. I remember sitting up on the wing of one of the bigger planes (he specialized in small personal aircrafts so it really couldn’t have been all that big, but still) scraping paint with toddler determination, feeling so special that he let me “help”. When I began my ungraceful decent into adolescence, he would go to the store to buy my “feminine products” for me since I was way to embarrassing to do myself. Many a time he would call my from the store, right in the middle of that mortifyingly pink aisle, to make sure he got the right kind, and he always remembered to grab a bottle or two of Midol.

I was a bundle of nerves on my wedding day, but I didn’t start getting misty eyed until my dad stepped up to walk me down the aisle and I realized he was starting to tear up. I (jokingly) told him he was going to have to stop, I had to sit still for over an hour for Lucy to get my make up right and if he cried I was going to cry and ruin all her hard work. I even threaten to make inappropriate jokes about things that rhymed with Nantucket. It’s comforting to know that i’ll always be his little girl, but it is strange to see how things shift more and more every year. Now I’m the one hosting weekend visits and filling Christmas stockings, I can only imagine what it must be like for him.

But for the good memories and many more to come, dad I wish you an amazing Happy Birthday. I love you very much 🙂