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My Birthday

As you all know, I turned 30 last week. We sort of celebrated all week long with little things, but there were a few special things that happened on the big day itself. 1 – Andy took the day off and cleaned the house before coming to pick me up for lunch. He especially scrubbed and scoured our guest bathroom so I would be able to take a long relaxing soak with my birthday bath bombs from Lush. Is it weird that I think it is so sexy when my husband cleans?

Birthday3 Birthday4
2 – Lunch was an extra special treat. Our favorite tea spot agreed to open very briefly for afternoon tea since it was a special occasion. We got to try out their new March menu and taste some new teas. The absolute best was the cheddar dill scones; they were without a doubt the most amazing savory scones I’ve ever had.
There were flowers, of course. Knowing I am fan of deli flowers, we stopped by one of our local store, and I got to pick out a few bunches to bring home.

Birthday5 Birthday6 Birthday8 Birthday7

3 – We went to dinner at a cajun seafood joint downtown. Emboldened by the start of a new phase of my life, we ordered a few things off of the menu that we had never tried (I liked about 85%), and Andy talked me into trying their chocolate bread pudding. I’ve had bread pudding before and I’ve never liked it, but this particular one turned it all around. Now I know I do like bread pudding; it just has to be a really good one 🙂

It was a really great day. Along with the wonderful day plans, I also got calls and cards from friends and family, and there were some pretty sparkly things to be unwrapped. This was the first time I hadn’t been excited about a birthday, and it was very touching to see how many people went out of their way to make sure it was undoubtedly a wonderful day.

Rainy Day and The Georgia Aquarium

The tail end of Andy’s birthday week was spent in Atlanta, Georgia. The Maiedae Mixer on Sunday was the main reason for the trip, but we wanted to make the most out of the location by devoting all of Saturday to whatever birthday shenanigans Andy felt like. We kicked things off with the West Egg Café and then we’d planned on going to the Zoo, but the soft, but steady rain quickly put the kibosh on that plan. The aquarium seemed like the next best option. Andy made some joke about it being better than the zoo because at least at the aquarium the animals were the only things that would be getting wet. He and my mom thought it was really funny; I thought it was amazing that after almost four years of marriage he still forgets how dangerous it is to tease me before I’ve had caffeine in the morning. I let it slide, because it was birthday week.

A19 A20A9
Andy opted out of being in our photos, but my mom is a big fan of the mother/daughter selfie.
A23 A22
The fresh water exhibit is pretty cool because of the “river” tank that runs across the top of the exhibit. This is also not a really great place to take photos since everyone is walking around looking straight up and bumping into one another.
A21 A15
A18 A16

Yes, they are blobby brainless and incredibly dangerous, but I find something really soothing about watching the jelly fish bob around in their tanks. How do all of those legs not get tangled?

A10 A11 A13
This little guy seemed to be enjoying the groups of people clustered around his tank; he’d flutter back and forth every time new people walk up, and he didn’t seem to mind having his picture taken either. I thought he was actually pretty cute.
A14 A12 A8 A3

I have the worst luck when it comes to water loving creatures. They always seem to be pooping as I walk by. I know it’s a natural part of life, but it happens every single time I want to take a picture. On this particular trip, I got to see a sea horse, a penguin, an otter and a beluga whale poop. Precious, precious memories. The whale almost nailed the poor seal he was sharing the tank with. Good thing those little guys can change direction quickly.

A7 A6 A5

Giant tank tunnel selfie.

Andy and I had been to the aquarium once before – actually it was the trip that he bought my engagement ring on -, so we were delighted to find that they had added an area that over looked the “behind the scenes” of their largest tank. Impressive, but it reaffirmed my belief that as much as I love sharks and string rays, I really don’t want to be in a tank with them, or too close the edge of the rail-less tank.

West Egg Cafe

Andy and I have been wanting to try West Egg Cafe in Atlanta for a while now, but things just kept getting in the way. We finally made it this past trip, and we were so glad we did.

WE12 WE3 WE1

As you can see, it was pretty packed even though it was on 9am. We actually had to (respectfully) shove our way to the hostess stand. My poor mom had to follow along in mine and Andy’s wake; she is so short we were afraid of losing her in the seething mass of coffee deprived patrons. Fortunately, this quiet little corner below cleared out right after we got there, and we had a nice, seated place to wait for our name to be called.

* The guy in the green jacket is glaring at us because he didn’t get the sit down spot because he was waiting for coffee at the bar. #sorrynotsorry


The menu was great; there was something for ever dietary restriction at the table, and not only one something, multiple somethings, which rocked.


Since it was cool and dreary outside, we all decided hot beverages were the first order of business once we got our table. Andy and I opted for chai lattes (I let him have the one with the most cinnamon on top; it was, after all, birthday week), and my mom had a Milky Way latte, which made me borderline diabetic just from looking at it.


When it came down to the actual food, we all decided to get something the other’s could share. So we ordered pancakes with spice butter, a tofu veggie scramble with fried potatoes, and over easy eggs with garlic grits and vegetarian sausage patties. Everything was great; we had highly polished plates and very tight pants by the end of the meal.

WE11 WE10

Despite the place being packed and there being a wait for a table, our service was amazing. Our waiter was friendly and helpful, and our food came out piping hot in a very timely manner. We will for sure be back our next trip through Atlanta.