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Where I’d Most Like To Be…

Occasionally, I lie to myself. One of the most frequent lies I tell myself is that pinning things to my Pinterest boards while watching TV not only counts as multitasking, but it counts as being productive. It’s research for future baking, crafting, or artistic endeavors, and as such, is absolutely necessary to my creative process. Much better than simply laying on the couch covered in cats. Really. Since I spent most of yesterday daydreaming about curling up for a nap in piles of soft snowy linens, my Pinterest searching was mostly centered around beds and bedrooms; I even found this board, Where To Sleep, that had a number of images that very closely mirrored my daydreams. Fate?

Bed 2 Bed 4 Bed 1 Bed 7 Bed 5 Bed 3

Hey, at least I got a blog post out of it, right? That’s like multi-multitasking. What do you find yourself pinning these days?

Love the Board

As much as I love creating Pinterest inspiration boards, I love looking at what’s inspired other people. Seeing things from another perspective can open a whole new world of possibilities or make you redefine the way you classify different things. Right now I am really enjoying A Bohemian Wedding. No, I don’t plan on ever getting married again, but I could see a lot of these images being great for all sorts of life events. Like my big 30th birthday party in 2016, perhaps?
Wedding 1 Wedding 2  Wedding 3Wedding 11 Wedding 9 Wedding 14 Wedding 15 Wedding 12Wedding 7 Wedding 5

Wedding 8 Wedding 13

The breakdown: lots of flowers, billowy fabric, colorful garlands, feathers, ruffles, rustic desserts, and pretty shiny bits. Sounds like an awesome birthday party to me.

Images from here.