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For The Girl Who Loves Boho Chic

This gift guide is dedicated to the girl who loves to stand at the edge of the sea while the sun sets and the wind blows her hair back. Who has a travel list a mile long. Who spends as much time barefoot as she possibly can. Or… for the girl who just wants to look like she enjoys those things ūüėČ The bohemian aesthetic has always been one I felt incredibly drawn to. It’s a modern way to feel like a princess from a fairytale in a far away exotic land. Plus, there is the environmental element that has infused itself into a lot more of the “hippy-ish” products. Finding an incredible beauty product is great; finding one that is also cruelty free and good for the environment? Even better. Here are a few boho inspired products that made my little heart go pitter patter.

  1. Among the Flowers Bath KitUrban Outfitters
  2. Fantasy EyelinerLush
  3. Leather Gold Foil Journal Sugarboo & Co
  4. Kalini Antique Brass SconceWorld Market
  5. Tiny Dancer StudsCatbird
  6. Frida Kahlo Flower CrownBloom Design Studio
  7. Beaded Boater Hat – Anthropologie
  8. Blue Diamond Slash Opal CuffFree People
  9. Herbivore Jasmine Green Tea TonicSephora

If nothing here catches your fancy, I highly recommend checking out Etsy. There are tons of incredible artisan gifts, and it’s always nice to support small businesses this time of year.

Fun Find: Natural Life

As I mentioned on Friday, a friend and I made a day trip across the top of the state to Jacksonville. It was a great trip: we listened to music, ate too much food, and did a little shopping¬†(but not too much). All that and the weather was gorgeous, clear, and sunny with a nice strong breeze the kept things from feeling humid or stagnant… which was extra nice considering we were walking around an outdoor mall. Since we’d been to this particular location before, we had a hit list of all of the places we knew we wanted to go, and since we accomplished that pretty early on, we decided to meander and check out some of the shops we hadn’t made it to before. One of those shops was Natural Life.

Nature1 Nature2
Now I am not a complete hippy, but I do love a good boho theme and this place had it in spades.
Since it was my first trip, I didn’t go too crazy. I found a shirt that I absolutely adored, and I indulged in one of their Mystery Bags.
Nature4 Nature8
I saw the shirt in the window, and it was actually the thing that pulled me into the store. Fortunately, they had plenty of them in stock and easily found one in my size. * I have a thing about stores who are out of the items in their window display.
The grab bag yielded some cool stuff: a¬†head band, some funky chip clips, a framed quote, and a magnetic post card. The second post card in the photo I got for taking a picture of the store and posting it on Instagram. For doing so, you get to pick something from the store’s treasure chest, which was a literal carved and painted wooden chest full of pretty little things. This place is now officially one of my favorite stores, and I am already trying to find an excuse to go back.