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Brick and Spoon

When Andy and I started making our travel plans for the Orange Beach weekend, I decided to do a little bit of recon on the local food scene. True to form, it was a mishmash of creaky old seafood joints, beach-y bars, and large scale chain fast food places. One place that really stood out to me was a brunch spot called Brick & Spoon. With the catch phrase “We’re allergic to boring breakfast” and a menu boasting such items as “Bananas in Pajamas” and “Café Beignets with Seasonal Marmalade”, I knew that this place I wanted to try. Andy and I went by ourselves on Saturday and liked it so much we talked our friends into going back again on Sunday.


Since we went two days in a row, we got to sample a decent number of menu items (Café Beignets, Biscuit Plate w/Strawberry Marmalade, Shrimp & Grits, Oyster Bed, Breakfast Tacos, and Spinach Bacon Cheddar Omelet with Cheese Grits). Everything was awesome, and there wasn’t a single item we wouldn’t happily order again. Our friends had the Brioche French Toast, the Bananas Foster French Toast, Ham & 3 Cheese Omelet, and the Creole Omelet, and other than feeling like they needed stretchy pants, they liked the food too.

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I really do wish that this place was closer; I could see myself brunching there regularly. I guess it will have to remain one of those “special” vacation things for now. To commemorate the trip and indulge my inner tourist, I grabbed a coffee mug and a t-shirt on our way out. I regret nothing.