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DIY Terrarium Place Holders

Inspired by the fall photo shoot I featured a couple days ago, I started searching through related topics, posts and articles to see if I could find any little ideas to file away for latter use. To my giddy hand clapping five year old delight I found this tutorial on making Terrarium Place Card Holders.  Even better, Christmas is right the corner so the parts are readily available.  I am even thinking about putting a winter spin on the bits and baubles on the inside and using them for my Christmas decorations.  My other thought was a row of these would be beautiful on a mantle.


Jessica + Garett over at Wednesday have lots of creative ideas (you might remember them from this fun wedding we shared a few months ago) and I’m super excited to announce that they will be contributing twice a month with some great DIY projects for you all here on GWS! We’re kicking it off with these sweet terrarium place holders that are sure to add loads of personality to any table setting – and they double as super cute favors also!


Materials Needed:
• Clear Glass Christmas Ornament
• Mason Jar Lid
• Moss
• Sticks
• Crepe Paper Flower (tutorial here)
• Wine Bottle Cork
• Thread
• Place Card

DIY green wedding shoes

What to do:
1. Remove the silver hook from the top of the Christmas ornament.

DIY green wedding shoes

2. Use the mason jar lid as the platform for the glass ball, and to offer some stability while you create.


3. Fill the glass ball with moss and sticks.
4. Make your own crepe paper flowers (tutorial here) to put in the glass ball for a burst of color.
5. Seal the hole in the glass ball with a wine cork
6. Tie a pretty bow with ribbon or string to attach your place card to the terrarium.


And you are done! Super easy + super cute!

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