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Thanksgiving Place Card Ideas

There are few holiday tasks more daunting that hosting Thanksgiving dinner. All those people, all those dietary restrictions, and all those expectations! Regardless of how laid back your guests are, we all know that people can be a little judgmental when it comes to things that are so steeped in tradition. In all honesty, 9 times out of 10 I serve things up buffet style and astound people with the fancy disposable plates and flatware I manage to procure (seriously, it’s a skill). I do know, however, that many of you dream about that perfectly executed Pinterest worthy table, complete with seasonal centerpiece and coordinating linens. Not always possible, but a quick and relatively easy way to elevate your holiday table is place cards. Place cards let your guests know that you gave them a little extra consideration and they also make a great keepsake for anyone who likes to save mementos from these type of things.

Place cards also give you a little extra control over you holiday table. You can manipulate your seating chat to keep your aggressively alt right uncle away from your vegan lesbian friend Kate… or not if you want to keep things lively. You can also make sure that any newcomers don’t find themselves ostracized at the far end while everyone else is chatting it up in the middle. I also like to consider guests with any disabilities or who are a little older to make sure that they get up and down as easily as possible, not to mention closer proximity to restrooms.

turkey pinecone cards

golden succulent cards

thankful for place card

mini rosemary wreath

gilded gourd

wood slice place card

gilded leaves place card

Thank goodness for the internet, right? Hopefully, this will help you get inspired for your own table. I am, fortunately, off the hook this year as we will be heading to NC to spend some time with Andy’s parents. So I wish you good luck and happy crafting!

Christmas Cards from Minted

As you already know, last month I attended the Maiedae Mixer. This year, the event was sponsored by Minted, and along with all of the gorgeous custom work they had at the event, they offered each of the attendees the opportunity to create their own perfect Christmas cards in exchange for a product review. Best. Deal. Ever! I had an absolute blast scrolling through all of the different options, and I spent an entire day waffling between this design and the one that I ultimately picked. I just had to go for the eye catching combo of rose gold and evergreen.



Every step of the creation process offers a variety of options, from card shape to layout, from font to envelope liner.  Everything can be tweaked to create your perfect product.





Another feature that I found downright delightful was the envelope addressing. I hate having to address stack and stacks of envelopes (Andy refuses to help because my hand writing is “better”), but with a few clicks, I uploaded my address book and had envelopes that were not only addressed, but addressed with a style that complemented my beautiful cards.


All in all, I have to say that this has been one of the best online shopping experiences I have ever had. I got exactly what I wanted, and the customer service was a dream. My cards arrived carefully packed and within a couple of days from my okay on the final proof. I love my cards, I loved my shopping experience, and I will certainly be ordering from them again in the future.


*As stated the cards were provided in exchange for my product review, but the opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

Love Cards That Keep It Real

I love my husband, like super big time a lot, but I really hate really sappy “I love you” holiday cards. I mean I feel all those lovely sentimental things, but most of the time he just likes when I goose his tushie and tell him I like his butt. These cards are for people like us.

Cards 5 Cards 7 Cards 6 Cards 8 Cards 4 Cards 3 Cards 9 Cards 2 Cards 1


Images from here.

It’s begining to look a lot like Christmas

Not so much at the apartment right now, sadly my walls are still un-decked, but my office is looking pretty spiffy.  Something about being paid to hang Christmas decorations is so much more appealing than say, filing or shredding, which this time of year are pretty much my only other options.  Not that I am complaining, once the calender strikes January and the world starts issuing 2011 w2’s, all hell will break loose and i’ll be a frenzied cyclone of tax organizers, appointment books and phone messages. Man does my job sound glamorous or what?

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is getting Christmas cards; I think this stems mostly from them containing checks or cash when I was younger.  Regardless, I love cards, but what to do with these folded pieces of holiday cheer? My fridge is covered in magnets and recipes and my door has this strange paint on it that repels tape. Fear not, here are some delightful solutions to the card display dilemma:

So there you have it, now go forth and decorate!

Images from here.