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I’ve been thinking about getting a cattoo…

As you are all well aware, I am completely at peace with my crazy cat lady-ism. Heck, 99% of the time I embrace it wholeheartedly. I love my fur babies, and I have a ridiculous amount of photos to back it up. Which brings me to today: after Charlie died last year, I wanted to get a memorial tattoo, and after 4 (oh yeah, it was 4) failed attempts at getting an appointment with the two artists I was interested in getting work from, I decided to shelve the idea. In hind sight, it wasn’t a bad thing considering I’ve since decided against my previously chosen artwork. Now I am going to wait until I find exactly what I want. However, the itch to get a new tattoo is still there. I’ve been considering getting one of the other tattoos I’ve been wanting, and the top contender is something to take my crazy cat lady status up a notch. I want to get a cattoo.

Cat 6Cat 2Cat !Cat 7Cat 5Cat 3Cat 8

All of my current tattoos are fairly large and extremely colorful, but for my cat tattoo, I am finding myself drawn to more simplistic black and grey images. I really wish finger/hand tattoos had a better shelf life because a tiny cat on the inside of my right ring finger would be completely awesome, but if I am going to go through the pain, I want it to last.

Images from Bored Panda.

I am a Crazy Cat Lady Part 37

My name is Julie and I am a Crazy Cat Lady. I rebelled against tradition and married a wonderful man named Andy, but it’s cool because he is a Crazy Cat Guy. We have six, that’s right, six Crazy Cats. It’s a problem, seriously, I love my fluffy children like super whoa big time. I’ll even go so far as to say that I like my cats more than I like most people. Are you going to lay across my lap when I am cramping and hormonal? I thought not. Just saying. As if I wasn’t crazy enough there is the new-fangled thing called the internet and like 30% of its content is cat-oriented. And they know about me, even the ads on the side of my facebook page are a covert cat overture. Like this neat t-shirt site? Oh wait, while you’re here did you see we have an ENTIRE section dedicated cat stuff? I’m only so strong you guys.

Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 4 Cats 3 Cats 5 Cats 6


That last one is for you, Estefania! And these six products are a scarily accurate portrayal of my life. Even the tote bag! That’s what it looks like at dinner time in the Bucior household.


All images from HUMAN.

Cat Lady

You guys know how ridiculous I am when it comes to my cats. Heck I referred to them more as my “fur babies” than I do my “cats”. But to truly deserve the title, I feel like I need to find a piece of clothing that proudly proclaims my cat lady-ism. I think these cat shirts from RCTees might be a good way to start.

Cat Shirt 3

Cat Shirt 1

Cat Shirt 4

Cat Shirt 2

Cat Shirt 5

Pair one of these with the rhinestone cat ears I made, and casual Friday at my office may never be the same.

For Us Crazy Pet Owners

I am a crazy cat lady, and Andy and I are a crazy cat couple. Our fluffy children are very spoiled, and they keep us wrapped around those cute little paws of theirs with very little effort. We refer to this as being “fuzzy whipped” in the Bucior household. It’s not hard to believe that I instantly fell in love with these custom return address stamps by Paper Pastries on Etsy. What a cool way to spruce up you stationary and add another layer of pet obsession to your life.

Pet Stamp 1 Pet Stamp 2 Pet Stamp 4 Pet Stamp 3 Pet Stamp 5

The only problem I can think if is trying to choose which pet to immortalize.

All images from here.