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Do or Die

In case a “To Do” list isn’t motivational enough, here is a helpful “Do or Die” list to remind you or your significant other what needs to be done. Or maybe you could start with a “To Do” list and work your way up to the “Do or Die” list if an item isn’t checked off in a certain amount of time, or if there is a deadline. I’m not suggesting that you actually kill anyone, maybe the “or die” part is really more of a “or i’ll hide your Xbox controller”.

Do or Die List

Okay, I would never really do that to Andy. If I hid the controller, I wouldn’t be able to play either.

Image and product from Catbird.

Pretty Shiny Happy Things for Me!

It’s Friday and I could not be happier. Going to have two whole days off with nothing to do, no where to go and lots of sleeping in. It will be glorious. The weekend even kicked off a bit early with the awesomeness, I got my Catbird charms in the mail last night! Andy told me to order them for myself as a reward for not stabbing anyone with a Bic pen during tax season. I am down right giddy. I did my best to open the package slowly and take some pictures with my phone along the unwrapping process.

Cat Bird 4 Cat Bird 3 Cat Bird 2 Cat Bird 5 Cat Bird 1

I am a sucker for elaborate packaging, I know they do it for everyone, but it still makes me feel special. I ended up getting a silver moon with a “J”(for my name) and a star with an “A”(for Andy’s name), the chain is one I already had, but the over all effect is exactly what I wanted. If Catbird is still selling these charms in a few years Andy suggested buying additional stars for every child we have, but getting them in gold. Plain gold for a boy, and rose gold for a girl. I fully support the giving of gifts to pregnant women, they’re growing a human being inside of them, nothing beats that. “Oh, you went grocery shopping and picked up the dry cleaning? Well, I grew a tiny pair of lungs.” As the ultimate multi-taskers they deserve to get whatever they want, whenever they want it for the full nine months. Just saying.

Something Simple

Through the years I’ve accumulated a pretty diverse jewelry collection.¬† I have Nepalese bracelets I brought from a street vendor in Savannah, star ruby earrings made from gemstones I went panning for in North Carolina, and friendship necklaces left over from high school. Most of my pieces are inexpensive, the stones are real, but not gemstone quality, and they are gold plated vs. 24k. I have been carefully collecting and preserving the few nice things that have made it my way, like the matching pearl necklace, earrings & bracelet that my mom and aunt gave me for my sixteenth birthday. Currently, my more valuable pieces have all been gifts, but I am starting to look at investing in a few simple things like these stack-able rings from¬† Catbird.

In the grand scheme of things, these rings aren’t really all that expensive, but since I want to purchase several of them….they sort of add up. Side note: I am finding myself oddly attracted to rose gold as of late.

Images from here.

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