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27 before 28

Last year, I decided to make a list of personal goals for myself, my 26 before turning 27. It was the first time I had made a tangible list of things that I wanted to learn/accomplish in a specific amount of time. It ended up being quite the interesting process. I quickly checked off some list items, realized that I actually wasn’t all the interested in others (Red Lipstick Wednesday & Mastering the Smokey Eye), and actually failed to check off 5 of them. But I am really proud of what I did get done, and I have decided to continue the tradition another year. My 27 before I turn 28. A few of the uncompleted items from my last list made their way on to this years list, but there are plenty of new things and I can’t wait to get started.

List 1

1. Learn to french braid my hair¬† – cut my hair off, no longer an option….
2. Make french macaroons
3. Get my passport
4. Learn to make biscuits from scratch
5. Learn to make pie crust from scratch  Рtwo types: regular and vegan
6. Learn to make bread from scratch
7. Eat vegan two days a week – Instead of a completely vegan twice a week we integrated more vegan meals throughout the week.
8. Go to Seattle
9. Travel outside of the US
10. Learn 10 new embroidery stitches
– cross stitch
– back stitch
*I embroidered a set of pillow cases for my aunt using these two stitches and it took so long that I decided I was done embroidering for a while.
11. Launch my Etsy shop – finally
*To much going on work/family wise, but we are getting closer
12. Make/can orange marmalade
*This was going to be for a gift, and I found another project that I wanted to do more.
13. Create terrariums for the mantle in the living room
– not enough light, so potted succulents for the new livingroom shelves instead
14. Try 10 new restaurants
Bagel Market
Aliki Beach Cafe
Portage Bay Cafe
The Egg
The Paisley Cafe
Front Porch
15. Make a quilt
*forgot about this one until it was to late
16. Make a dress
*haven’t found the right pattern
17. Create a reading nook
18. Finish my office/guestroom
19. Go to a paint your pet night at Painting with a Twist
20. Watch all three Matrix movies – for Andy
-Really it was only two of three, but Andy gave me a very detailed plot summery of the third movie and said that it wasn’t worth watching.
21. Have tea in Savannah
22. Plant a lavender plant
23. Have a girls crafting weekend
24. Start and keep a photo diary
25. Go down two pants sizes
*I only managed one
26. Read Food in Jars and try food preservation
27. Reveal new blog design

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